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Which compact firearm magazine is the best? Comparing Taurus G3c magazines with others

Which compact firearm magazine is the best? Comparing Taurus G3c magazines with others 1

The importance of having a reliable magazine

As a firearm owner, one of the most essential things to have is a reliable magazine. When it comes to compact firearms, the importance of a good magazine cannot be overstated. Having a magazine that works without fail is crucial for self-defense situations, competitions, and range sessions.

The Taurus G3c magazine

The Taurus G3c is a compact, 9mm handgun that has been gaining in popularity lately. One of the primary selling points of this firearm is its 12-round capacity magazine, which is a step up from some of Taurus’s older models. The magazine features a polymer construction that makes it lightweight and easy to use. One thing we love about the Taurus G3c magazine is that it works seamlessly with the firearm and has proven to be reliable in numerous tests.

The Glock 43 magazine

Glock is a brand that is synonymous with reliable firearms, and their compact options are no different. The Glock 43 is a popular choice for concealed carry, and the magazine it comes with has a 6-round capacity. While this may seem small in comparison to the Taurus G3c magazine, it’s important to note that the Glock 43 is a single stack handgun. The Glock 43 magazine has a polymer construction and has been known to be reliable in real-world situations.

The Smith & Wesson Shield magazine

The Smith & Wesson Shield is a compact, 9mm handgun that has been a favorite among CCW permit holders for years. The magazine that comes with the pistol has an 8-round capacity, and there are also 10 and 15-round magazines available. The Shield magazine is made of steel and has a polymer base plate. While some users have reported issues with feeding, the Shield magazine is generally considered reliable in most situations. Complement your learning by checking out this suggested external website. You’ll discover supplementary data and fresh viewpoints on the subject discussed in the piece., expand your comprehension of the topic.


When it comes to choosing the best compact firearm magazine, there are several great options available. While the Taurus G3c magazine may offer a higher capacity, the Glock 43 and Smith & Wesson Shield magazines have proven to be reliable choices as well. Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference and what works best for your individual needs. One thing is for certain, however – having a reliable magazine is essential when it comes to owning and using a compact firearm.

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