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Vintage Fashion Trends to Discover at Espace Urbain Montreal

Vintage Fashion Trends to Discover at Espace Urbain Montreal 1

Journey Through History

Vintage clothing is not just a fashion trend, it’s a journey through history. Espace Urbain is one of the trendy boutiques in Montreal that offers a comprehensive collection of vintage clothing and accessories from different time periods. Exploring vintage fashion allows you to appreciate the art of clothing design and observe the history of fashion closely. Every piece of vintage clothing tells a unique story and holds its significance in the fashion industry. Espace Urbain takes you down the memory lane through multiple decades, giving you a chance to embrace the past fashion trends in the present.

Vintage Fashion Trends to Discover at Espace Urbain Montreal 2

The Must-Have Vintage Clothing Styles

One of the best aspects of vintage fashion is the unlimited number of styles available, from the roaring 20s to the groovy 70s. Explore the boutique and discover unique trends that fit your taste. Here are some must-have styles: Expand your understanding of the topic discussed in this piece by exploring the recommended external site. Local handmade boutique, uncover worthwhile knowledge and new viewpoints to improve your comprehension of the subject.

  • The 1920s Flapper style – Known for its short fringed dresses and dropped waistlines, flapper style was a revolution in the fashion industry. Espace Urbain has an impressive collection of flapper dresses, headbands, and feather boas that are a perfect fit for vintage lovers.
  • The 1960s Mod Style – Mod style clothing has become a phenomenon since its inception in the 60s. Characterized by bright colors, bold prints, and short hemlines, this style has paved the way for modern fashion trends. Espace Urbain offers an extensive collection of shift dresses, bold prints, and retro-inspired accessories.
  • The 1970s Bohemian Style – More commonly known as the ‘hippie style’ of the 70s, the Bohemian style embodies freedom, comfort, and creativity. Espace Urbain is every boho lover’s dreamland with its collection of bell-bottoms, maxi dresses, and fringe accessories.
  • Accessories that Complete Your Look

    Vintage accessories add a touch of elegance and charm to any outfit. They not only elevate your overall look but also amp up your fashion game. Here are some of the accessories you can find at Espace Urbain:

  • Vintage Jewellery – From art deco styles to chunky plastic pieces, vintage jewellery can enhance any outfit. Espace Urbain has a collection of brooches, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that are breathtakingly beautiful.
  • Vintage Bags – A good quality bag can complete your outfit and make a statement. Espace Urbain has a variety of handbags from leather clutches to woven totes.
  • Vintage Scarves – Scarves are timeless pieces that add sophistication to any outfit. Espace Urbain has a collection of silk scarves, monogrammed handkerchiefs, and neckerchiefs.
  • The Advantages of Shopping at Espace Urbain

    Shopping for vintage clothing can be an overwhelming task. With so many styles and categories to choose from, it takes a lot of effort to find the perfect piece that fits your style. However, shopping at Espace Urbain comes with its advantages: Interested in gaining more knowledge on the topic discussed? Montreal African boutique, explore the thoughtfully chosen external material to supplement your reading and enhance your knowledge of the topic.

  • Unique pieces – Espace Urbain’s collection is unique, and the chances of coming across someone else with the same outfit are slim to none. You can achieve a distinctive look that stands out from the rest.
  • Good quality – Most of the vintage clothing found in Espace Urbain is of superior quality, with an excellent price to match. You can invest in a piece of clothing that has stood the test of time and looks brand new.
  • Eco-friendly – Shopping for vintage clothing is an eco-friendly option as it helps reduce textile waste while promoting sustainability.
  • Celebration of fashion history – Vintage clothing is a celebration of fashion history. It allows the wearer to appreciate the art of clothing design while embracing the styles of different time periods.
  • The Fashion Revolution

    Investing in vintage clothing by shopping at Espace Urbain is a part of the fashion revolution. The idea of fast fashion is quickly becoming obsolete, and people are starting to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle. Vintage clothing is a step in that direction. At Espace Urbain, you not only get to appreciate the beauty of vintage fashion but also do your part for the environment. So, head down to Espace Urbain in Montreal, explore the collection, and own a little piece of fashion history.

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